We provide rehearsal facilities for bands and solo artists, our rooms are acoustically treated, so musicians can experience a pleasant time when practicing. You can expect a good standard, clean environment as well as tea and coffee refreshments. We have an hourly rate for rehearsals of £9 which includes the room with PA, basic drum kit and 2 microphones.

Additional backline costs per session:

Guitar amp – £3
Bass amp – £3
Basic Drum kit (kick, snare, hi-hats, toms) – £5
Cymbals/hi-hats- £2

The session can be booked through mobile phone at any time, simply call or text us; you should include your details on your message such as name, phone contact.

To secure your session you can book in advance through paypal or bank transfer.

*2 hours minimum time rehearsal session. It is advised to book rehearsal at least 48 hours in advance to avoid disappointment.