Mastering is the final stage of post-production. The aim is to achieve a correct tonal balance across the spectrum and dynamic balance allowing a mix to translate on any playback system. Therefore we rely in a vast array of speakers a wisely treated room and an experienced mastering engineer to archive a high quality master CD or DDP file set for replication to manufacture CD’s.

The audio can be received from you either in analogue or digital format; we will evaluate it carefully before making any adjustments. Then it will prudently be mastered to bring out the sonic detail. When mastered to digital we generate a PQ sheet which includes, IRCS codes, track list, detailed album and track times; we can also add CD text, barcode and a data verification sheet for the final master.

We also provide Apple iTunes mastering optimization for best sound resolution.

We are definitely ahead in the war of loudness, if your aim is to make it loud or make a sweet and more dynamic record, we can certainly deliver the best output. Let us make the difference between outstanding records and poor demos.