Protect your precious records and overplayed tapes by having them put onto disc, hard-drive or any other current standards and supply time storage solutions. We can transfer any format whether it is tape, vinyl, DAT Minidisk, VHS, Beta. We can also restore and re-master your favorite music. Check audio restoration services.

Audio Forensic

Sometimes recordings are let down by misuse of equipment, or unwanted background noise, which masks the target source that is important for you. The good news is that we can clean up your recordings. We can enhance the target audio, for example, a hidden microphone which is too distant from the sound source, a mobile phone or any other device that might be used to record the audio. With our state of art tools we can seriously improve your poor recording.

We can remove pops, crackles, clicks, hum, hiss and enhance speech.

Audio Restoration

We believe that restoration of any analogue format especially vinyl starts before it is transferred onto a digital format, so we apply successful techniques we have used through the years. On the digital domain we use top Cedar Audio tools to restore any analogue format. It can range from vinyl, tape and acetates formats.