First opening in 2006, Hypermonosonic Recordings has been run since as a professional recording studio based in the midlands Nottingham, UK.

The studio is acoustically treated in a versatile way to capture the sound desired.

We offer our clients high quality analogue and digital recordings, in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere in a comfortable and creative environment.

Our main aim is to satisfy our clients, helping them to achieve their goals, in-house producers and engineers are extremely experienced, committed, patient and passionate about their jobs.

Our client list ranges from record labels, recording artists, advertising agencies and film makers from the UK and around the world. In addition to our own recording studios.

Hypermonosonic Recordings is home to a thriving community of record producers, song writers, artist managers, record labels, music publishers and production companies.

Our premises provide a safe and enclosed environment which includes free and secure car parking complete with CCTV. We can also help provide you with accommodation if necessary.

Full Digital Pro-tools System , driven by Analogue outboard and basically any mic set up you might need.  Besides our professional  commercial side we also run several workshop about music production, song writing, video editing and gaming programming. There are available one-to-one tuition which can be booked on request. please check bellow a list of workshops we run.

  • Music production for beginners
  • Music production level 2
  • Mixing basic techniques
  • Mixing level 2 ( includes patch bay understanding)
  • Equipment repair beginners
  • Mastering ( this is very advance topic and we run it as a minimum of 5 sessions in order to be able to produce your own commercial masters)

Over the time we find the need to taking Hypermonsoonic Recordings out there to record live music, we have specialised live sound engineers which have been in the business over 20 years all over the world.